Recycled Wine Rack

Wine Rack as a planter

Wine Rack as a planter


This was a quick and easy project. About time I had one of those.  So, the other day I went to this garage sale and only because it was within walking distance of my house. I’m not into the garage sale-ing habit and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Anyway, found this thing for $2.50.



I wired up the bottom, leaving a little extra “hang” for depth and then I added a “side”.  I used Hardware Cloth 1/2 inch mesh. The hardware cloth comes with a wire wrapped around it to keep it rolled up and I just snipped bits of that wire to use to attach the sections I cut out onto the wine rack. I figured once it’s all painted black and plants are in it you won’t notice the wire holding the wire to the rack.

DSC01066  DSC01068

Then I spray painted it with an rust resistant, indoor/outdoor black paint. Lined the “baskets” with garden fabric, added a few rocks for drainage, added dirt, added plants and there it is.

Ready for planting

Ready for planting

Wine Rack as a planter

Wine Rack as a planter

Quick and easy. I like having that handle.  Some of the succulents on top should grow and drape over and hang nicely.



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