Okay, so what’s up with the name Chaosinmotion?  Waaaay back when I was in college, I took a course on Chaos Theory and have been enchanted by it ever since. I know it’s old news. Nerds and scientists are totally over Chaos Theory by now. But I still like it.  I’ve always felt like there’s a swirling aura of chaos buzzing around me, but Chaos Theory comforts me so that’s the name I use for online business.

There are far better explanations available, but here it is from my mind to this page. There are dynamic systems and static (or closed) systems. Dynamic systems are natural. Dynamic systems are like animal populations, the flow of water, smoke rising from a flame, the weather – whereas a static system is like an algebraic formula. (Yes, I like math).  Dynamic systems seem chaotic and unpredictable (notice the word “seem”?). Static systems are completely predictable. If you have a formula with x-es and y-s and you substitute a number for the variables, you’ll get the same result every time. X+5=7, X is always going to be 2. (or -13). But when you are watching a candle flame, which way is it going to jump?

So, getting to the point . . . chaotic systems seem unpredictable, and the truth is that any given point in that system is unpredictable, but the system as a whole behaves in a predictable manner. So at any given moment it may seem like I don’t know what the heck I’m doing, but overall, there’s a plan.




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